1. Think Vertical
    Tall cubbies make for a perfect corner and tight space storage option. Use between bunk beds in cabins or unused corners. Using vertical space within your group living environment will save floor space and encourage organization. Add books, board games, knick knacks or even small plants to this storage space to bring warmth and a homey feeling.
  2. Fill in the Gaps
    There are always those pesky seemingly unusable gaps between furniture. Use customizable smaller cubbies or night stands between beds, dressers and any other bigger furniture pieces. Fill in the gaps, increase storage and utilize every inch of space all at the same time!
  3. Under Bed Space
    Under bed space can get messy fast without proper organization. Using under bed units with drawers and cubbies to help keep personal items gathered and organized is the key to getting everything up off the floor and in the right place.
  4. Overhead Space
    Wall shelving or cubbies placed above beds and overhead space keeps things up off the ground and is perfect for storing items not used every day.
  5. Open up the Floor Plan
    Built-ins and Murphy beds are both great ways to utilize room space. Built-in wall units can be made to create a multi-functional space. A large room could be used for both sleeping arrangements, large gatherings or events as well as entertainment purposes.